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Volume 1

Dive into our first experience and alter your sleep time for life!

The Bedtime Imagination Game is a 2-track instant digital download that gets children excited to lie down and close their eyes. Both tracks are masterfully engineered and delivered in MP3 form. They combine two unique techniques found nowhere else that end sleep time struggles, the number one source of time and energy drain on parents and caregivers. 


The program begins with a soft lullaby set at a tempo that brings the child’s heart rate down to rest. It continues with a game of colors and shapes explored in the child’s own minds without any outside pressure or influence. Guaranteed to make bedtime a positive ritual of cooperative ease for caregivers and children, the game also develops the powers of creative visualization that will craft joyful pathways of connection to serve them throughout life.


Testimonials confirm its “sure to relax children who will be sound asleep before the color game ends” - Gerald S. Rafferty, Ph.D. They include accounts of its magical power- like effectiveness from parents, grandparents, and teachers on children with challenges such as ADD, ADHD, SID, and SDD. One teacher of 25 years says, “24 of those years I have been teaching stress reduction techniques to young children. If I had to choose one piece of music to supplement my efforts to teach relaxation, 'Bedtime Imagination' would be it!" You have to listen to this to believe and understand the positive impact for children and adults, too!


Buy now and download immediately to have children to

sleep within 24 minutes and 32 seconds and instantly receive your

Eli Bear Flip Book!

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