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Meet the Founder

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Mikal Masters

Creator  ~ Author  ~  Musician  ~  Child Champion

Mikal Masters is an internationally recognized author, musician, songwriter, media personality and entertainer. He is the creator of Bedtime Imagination~ The Colors of a Child's Mind Game Series~  With a lifetime of stage performance and touring in over 30 countries around the world along with decades of work in film, radio, television and stage, Mikal has grown into a seasoned presence with an ability to immediately engage children, parents and audiences imparting unlimited joy and energy with interactive simplicity and humor. He displays a unique capacity for enabling others to actually experience higher aspects of their intelligence and energy with collaborative playfulness.


"The elegant and beautiful solution we envision through Bedtime Imagination is to inspire and ignite children and youth by inviting them into an experience of play with colors and shapes in their minds allowing them to discover the infinite possibilities of creativity and personal power that emerges from time-tested relaxation practices and creative visualization. Herein lie the seeds for a future of open, free thinking children as they become adults and the kindred connection of all beings and ideas."


Bedtime Imagination is an amazing tool and toy for all parents and caregivers to empower the children they love while at the same time, simplifying and calming the challenges of nurturing a beautiful, active child

There is nothing more beautiful than a child at peace.

~ Mikal Masters  ~

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