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"We went from struggling for hours every night to having a child who runs and jumps into bed!" ~ Kelsey

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 End bedtime struggles today!

Sleep Comes Easy When Bedtime is a Game!

When you play Bedtime Imagination Game, you experience a magical power, like Mary Poppins making it fun with a snap

- except you can download this very real game now and have your child to sleep within 24 minutes. Guaranteed!

Sunnyside News reports: "Seldom in the cluttered and often confusing world of children's materials does something emerge that is truly new and different...The listener will find very relaxing music followed by a beautiful lullaby and then a quiet narration which encourages the child to breathe deeply and visualize colors in their mind which they then learn to change into different shapes. Going to sleep can be fun!"

Bedtime Imagination Game is unlike anything else

More than a scientifically effective lullaby, it soothes, entertains, and inspires, delivering peaceful sleep you can count on. 

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  • Children welcome sleep at naps, Ending bedtime struggles

  • Asleep within 25 minutes

  • Stay asleep and in bed longer.

  •  Wake up refreshed from  good quality sleep

  • Self-soothe as they replay the game when they wake up

  • Imagination is engaged  and inspired, training them to play in the relaxed, creative mind space

  • Better sleep means  better attention and performance in school.

  •  Improved  classroom control 

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There are Magical Tricks we put together for you in a journey of Masterful Dream Weaving! It begins with Relaxing Music and a soft lullaby that lowers your child’s heart rate to resting and turns into a game children love to play with colors and shapes appearing in their imagination. 

Get those precious kids to sleep so you can wipe the feathers, Legos, and pasta off the floor for Round 2, the Bedtime Imagination Game makes bedtime effortless and gives YOU back precious time.

Magical Wand for

  • Parents 

  • Grandparents

  • Foster Parents

  • Guardians

  • Teachers

  • Childcare 

  • Sleep Therapists

  • Child Psychologists

  • Travel Stress Relief

    • Cars

    • Trains

    • Planes

    • Boats

  • Recovering From:

  • Children of all ages 0+ 

  • Special needs children as well including ADD, ADHD, SDD

  • Traumatic    Experiences

  • Stressful  Environments

  • Anxiety

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Bedtime LullabyMikal Masters
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Order your digital download of Bedtime Imagination Game now and START MAKING SLEEP FUN 

Have your kids in sweet Dreamland within 24 minutes, 32 seconds.

for only $25.00 

Not sure it will work?

We’re pleased to share some of our customer’s

wondrous results below.

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"Jessica used every trick in the book to stay awake... Now Jessica is asleep by 8:30 and is excelling in school..."

Dear Mikal,

        I am writing to you in regards to your wonderful “Bedtime Imagination, the Colors of a Child’s Mind” which I recently purchased from you. The results I have had with my daughter using your color game are just fantastic. The music is soothing to a child (as well as adults) and it teaches them to concentrate without moving, simply be using their imagination. Before we purchased your color game, by daughter, Jessica, who is 6 used every trick in the book to stay awake. Nothing we tried had any effect on her: bribery, threats, rocking, reading) until now! We were lucky if she was asleep by 10 PM. Then the next day the struggle began to get her up.

        Now, Jessica is asleep by 8:30 and is excelling in school due in no small part to getting the sleep a child needs. We had tried several other “bedtime music” but these encouraged a child to sing, clap, stomp their feet, anything that included what they called “participation.” Your color game encourages the child to participate, but on a different level. The child is encouraged to lie still with their eyes closed, and they are using their minds instead of physical activity. You also include the parents by giving us the opportunity the next day to discuss the colors our children have seen as well as drawing pictures (which is enhancing their motor skills).

        From the time the soothing music begins to the way the game instructs our child to focus in such a gentle way, it is exactly what a child needs to enable them to sleep. Bedtime Imagination has stayed in Jessica’s player ever since I brought it home. It has been her request nightly to hear it when it’s time to go to bed. We even take it with us on trips out of town because, according to Jessica, she can’t go to sleep without it.

        Once again, Mikal, thank you for your wonderful talent and knowledge of children.

                        Sincerely, Tricia Carter

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Bedtime Imagination Game Gets Amazing Results



Dive into our first experience and alter your sleep time for life!


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P.S. You will want the colorful, illustrated Parent Guide that reveals deeper into the Secret Formula within the program, and what is possible for your child’s development as they become practiced at The Game.


The Parent Guide describes -

  • How to play the Bedtime Imagination Game in 5 easy steps

  • The 5 powers you’re giving Miracle-Gro to as your child drifts to sleep.

  • Bedtime Imaginations secrets behind the magic!

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